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there are things happening in power, with sewer, with water that are not always proven technologies, but they're things that are enough proven you should take a bit of a risk and you should show others it can be done. >> we're showing the world, suddenly had wind turbines which they didn't have before. so, our team realizing that time would change, and realizing where the opportunities were today, we said, you know what, we started out as really something to control wind as an asset, when you combine today's technology becomes something entirely different. >> wind turbines in an urban environment is a relatively new concept. there are a few buildings in other major cities where they have installed wind turbines on the roof. and wind turbines in buildings are effective. >> the discussion was do we do that or not? and the answer was, of course. if they're not perfect yet, they're ildi ll lt 100 years. in 100 years someone is going to perfect wind efficient turbines. if these aren't right, we'll replace them. we have time to do that. >> the building that's two renewable energy generations. wind
is the city embracing new technology and is it going to go farther to the point that we're not even using things like conventional postal service anymore? >> that is right. that is a great question, because to be competing in the 21st century, the public and those that are using the smartest tools to communicate and to send information across, we should in government be doing the same thing. having said that, we have a huge bureaucracy. we have 26,000 employees and they need training. we have systems in place that have been very protective between departments and so they built barriers, so what they got their funding to investment in their systems, they didn't necessarily share in that. because other departments were on different budgeting and so forth. so we created over a long period of history of government evolvement in san francisco very thick walls that need to be broken down. board president david chiu and i are working very hard to instill in our department of technology an information service a collaboration amongst all the different it sections whether it's the airport or muni
. a big logo slide. >> and we're supposed to be about the technology. >> imagine a big stop bullying speak up logo on the slide behind me. >> say that again. >> stop bullying, speak up is the name of the campaign and a nice transition. my complements to everyone in the room. if i have learned everything in the last four years while researching bullying prevention and for our age group and the kids in the second through seventh grade it's that not only does it take a village but a village of people who are willing to partner and collaborate with each other and speak not only to adults about this issue but speak to children and i think it's an interesting transition from mia's work to mine. still not mine. >> it is but -- >> and the role we play at cartoon network and thousands of kids at home everyday and the role we play is taking that information, translating it and content on the line and when kids come independently to our screens to play games and watch television and do a variety of things we have information for them on information they care deeply part. in 2008 as research we do
but how technology could help police. later the italian team proposes nay racing restrictions and thousand >>> crews are battling a 700 acre wild five nier the mountains of los angeles. more than a hundred firefighters are battling from the ground and air. at one point the flames came up within hundred yards of the school but the school was never in danger because dry brush had been cleared to create a space. the fire is now about 75% contained tainted. >> officials say a u.s. airways flight was forced to make a belly landing because of the landing gear trouble. flight which took off from philadelphia landed last night 10:00. you can see it there. air traffic controllers kept the plane in the air but after several failed attempts they made the decision to do the belly landing. there were 34 people on board. no injuries have been reported. passengers were evacuated from the airplane and back to the terminal. >> this morning, n.t.s.b. officials is meeting with the connecticut governor at the site of a train collision. they have stopped service between new york and boston indefinitely followi
as to whether or not we were following the technology. >> you mean speaking into something and have it automatic to dictate into english? >> well yes but on a more professional level, a particular software application developed. (off mic) >> the best thing is to have an interpreter. >> commissioner kingsley: a real person, absolutely. thank you very much. >> commissioner chan? >> commissioner chan: in terms of the reference to psas, says we are televised, we can educate the public on how to make it was reported you are involved in domestic violence. can you describe what the issues were, and how we can collaboratively address the issue? here is how it works. when there's a problem you go to the department or the commission and we address it. >> one thing that sandra had spoken about in our workshop is that there was an issue where psa may not have known severity of the walk-in who had some type of an issue. prior to me get in there. if you have an issue, and you don't speak, don't leave. the last thing we want to do is have the person leave. if this is impractical emerge
, somebody could have a sweet voice in a closed theater but if they can't throw it, or does the technology and mic compensate for that? >> we have a modern technological system. you can hear everything from no matter where you are in the 4,000 seat theater. in the old days that was not true. they didn't have that kind of technology and they had to throw their voices. >> yes. okay. we are looking at may, 1913, the first production. it is hard to believe! >> isn't it amazing? that was a production of abraham and isaac, may 4, 1913, and 1,200 people hiked up from the west point in to see the show. there weren't roads on the mountain then which made you realize the sets had to be very, very simple because you had to carry them all in. >> look at the scenes from past shows. obviously you get a lot of people there but how do you get everybody up to the mountain. you can hike and bike. for the rest of us -- >> there are free shuttles that come from mill valley in three locations and there is some parking on the mountain. these days it is easy to get on the mountain in. the old days you had to
of reasons, the most important it is technology and medical care that has advanced over the past 15 to 100 years. but we wouldn't want to dial back the clock to let say when i was born in the 1980s when the bedside diagnosis was the essence of this diagnosis. the technology, whether it is diagnostic or minimally in basement, it has actually been eight room for quality of medical care. so there is a driver that you really don't want to scale back on. that things cost money. however, there are ways to increase this. i use the word control. as a believer in free market control, let people decide what value the medical care has for them, unleash competitions and the barriers for competitions, use the information and by virtue of those kinds of things, as of every other service in the united states, the price does come down. i get asked this by my own children. if your price is the price the people are willing to pay at a fair price. not an arbitrary price by some central authority. >> are you a practicing doctor right now? >> i have been up until one year ago when i moved from being the head o
but are certainly in technology. when it boils down to what we can afford and are so concerned on immediate concerns, from the faa to the small pieces of the equation, how do we think big and how do we invest big in america's future? >> well, people say the oxygen is being taken up by the debate. it occurs to me -- the health care cost problem, which is really the long-term problem, he have some retirement obligations because of the aged structure change, but overwhelmingly the healthcare cost, which fortunately omb are honest that it is growing faster than the economy and all it needs is a little bit of time before that overwhelms your revenue rates and capability. it is interesting that the amount of deception about how you bend the curve on that is not there. it is not a partisan issue. the partisan issue is, given the costs, should the government or the individual bear the cost? that is fine, but it is definitely a zero-sum discussion of shipping it back and forth. the real question for our ountry is, do we stay on a trend line to eat everything else up? i am very disappointed about the onversat
it is not necessarily desirable to make them go down for a variety of reasons but technology and medical care has advanced so much over the past 50 or 100 years that we would not want to dial back the clock like when i was born with the bedside diagnosis was the essence. we want that technology whether drugs or safer treatment that has been a boon for the quality of medical care. so there is a driver of cost you don't want to scale back that is it cost many but there are ways to increase the control of cost as a believer of free market controls and let people decide to of these competition and give the information as every other good or service you may ask what is the fair price? it is that which people are willing to pay for something. not some arbitrary price fixing from central authority. >> host: are you practicing doctor right now? >> i was up until literally one year ago where i move from being head of radiology or was about 13 or 14 years the previous 15 years from clinical medicine and research and teaching. then i moved over to hoover to work on policy. >> host: when you were practicing
department's plan to provide more technology to notification essentially has something that is more e-mail based that it be pushed out via e-mail. supervisor kim has a more paper version approach. the way i read it is that supervisor sentence e-mail notification unless paper notification is requested. i wanted to ask in particular for the planning department could you provide a different clarityey on the different categories and what you think is the most efficient way to do this to provide the due notices that the community wants to see and deserves? by the way, i will just say these are through pages 3 and 4 as well as other places in the draft. >> good afternoon, supervisors, sarah jones environmental review officer. the way i understand this legislation is difference between the opt in e-mail notification versus the opt in mail notification addresses those notices that are done. we do a lot of noticing now. for example we already under chapter 31 have several categories of exemption that require mail notification. it's notification required for the city's purposes. under supervi
tonight. >>> coming up on the program, a new way to give your career in technology a boost. and maybe even double your salary. first let's take a look at how commodities, treasuries and fai. >>> this year's rise in the stock markets has resusitated for initial offerings. new companies are launching bigger ipos and seeing more leaping in stocks on their debuts. this year is on track to see the most money raised by newly listed companies in at least five years. >>> chrysler is recalling 469,000 jeep grand cherokees and jeep commanders made between the years 2005 and 2010 because they can shift into neutral without warning when the vehicles are started up. chrysler says the problem has caused 26 crashes. the company began looking into the problem early last year after a customer complained that the car rolled away. >>> workers who are skilled in information technology and computer programming are some of the most sought after in the whole economy and now potential employees may be able to pay to get years worth of i.t. schooling in just a matter of weeks in order to get one of those coveted j
all work together to get that great experience going and for this center to be refurbished, technology wise, space wise and adding things like made in san francisco. i have to say that because for me i got to talk about san francisco in ireland, in paris, i'm going to talk about it beginning tomorrow night the day after when i arrive in beijing that we are really on our way to kind of manufacturing beautiful wonderful things that people can take with them that they are looking for all the time. i got those inquiries. what are you making in san francisco, the middle class in china, they have money to spend, they are investing all over the world. i want them to invest here along with the other 400,000 visitors that come through here and take the advantage of the exposure and what everybody associated with the movement here. we can have more of the products, more of the accessories, more of the things that they want to have as memories, but also make on going connections with us. i want to thank lueers that are working here because, you know, you do it for the love of the city. if the vis
much of the front-end programs that we are able to provide are really dependent upon our technology and our systems. and you know, i have said often that our goal is to make the recreation and park department the most technologically robust and savvy and innovative parks department in the country and it's great to say that, but without people like -- without people like mark, it really can't happen. and so mark is this quarter's employee recognition certificate and i want to read the accolades that his own colleagues -- this is a peer-driven award have said. mark pitts who started with the recreation and park department's misdivision in 2007 is the chief designer of our computerized business processes and data management for all of the different areas department. which has the benefit of saving recreation and park columbialy time and money of his recent review of several years of at&t bills noticed inconsistent and inaccurate billing that mark proceeded to connect through the central bill system and ended saving recreation and park annual costs. in the last couple of years he has
that the recommendations are a package but the technology component which you just mentioned is a critical piece of this. we e not able to pay. ple to pay the payment exemption initially came because back in the 70s people cooperate turf the knob and do the actual physical manipulation needed to operate the meter. technology has mitigated a lot of that and payments would only be something that we would find acceptable if that technology was in place. >> speaking of payment, our next slide is to direct ability to the use. the next one is our operating signal. that's one public feature in our public right of way that we need more of. that's one possible idea of revenue collection from blue zones can be collected. >> the community was talking a lot about the historical oppression of people with disabilities and san francisco's commitment to make sure all people with disability have access to aspects of life and also like i spoke about earlier perhaps transportation vouchers to health and human service agencies. >> our last side is to establish reasonable time limits. what is pictured is an accessible park
to take a picture of the thief if stolen, technology will enable that picture to go back to a control center but that is in the future. the school hoping that police and the public will help them recover their stolen computers. >> the owner of the italian enry into the 2013 america'scupl stay in the race but is he demanding changes. this afternoon he called on the team to modify the rules to make the race safer casting down on his team's participation following the death of a member of the swedish team. he says the team wants to compete and safety must be a top priority. >> for us, it's fundamental. wind cannot be too low or too high. we could even decide to pull out of the event if decisions are not the ones we think are correct. >> he wants a new safety plan put into place. as well as professional divers. mark will have more in a live report on the team's demands tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> some encouraging news about the economy today, california one of three starts staits that saw a sharp drop in unemployment. that is the lowest rate since november, 2008. however, nearly 1.7
in technology & finance. welcome to the state where cutting taxes for business... is our business. welcome to the new buffalo. welcome to the new buffalo. welcome to the new buffalo. new york state is throwing out the old rule book to give your business a new edge, the edge you can only get in new york state. to grow our start your business, visit >>> we have been talking a lot about foreign policy, but it is a big week for immigration reform. the senate judiciary committee will begin its debate of amendments to the gang of eight immigration bill, this thursday. and one thing's certain, it is going to be dramatic. republican senator marco rubio, he is the face of the gang of eight. it is really quite remarkable that he became the face of a bipartisan democratically led effort, but there it is. but these are the faces of the opposition, the gangbusters, if you will. demint is number one on that list because he's the president of the heritage foundation and today the heritage foundation and senior research fellow robert rector put out a study that illegalizing 11 million illegal
. >> smart phone war. samsung technology brick through good technology brick through good for you but m >> archeologist are horrified that one of the largest pyramid in be liz destroyed. here is the 2300-year-old temple at the complex before it was damaged. spectacular. now i know here it is afterwards. road crew use backhoe to tear it apart lacking for easy source of gravel for ridiculous reason they decided to take down that pyramid. >>> pictures just released are really fascinating. show rare sight tonight. 2 bald eagle locked together by the tall lon in a mid-air battle. they survived a crash landing on to a runway at manipulate society airport. one of them got away from wild life officials on the way to the rehab center but the other one is being cared for tonight. there is a close-up look at the tall lon entwineed like that. >> all right. let's talk about technology. new race to speed up mobile network is being triggered by announcement from south korea that samsung planning to roll out 5 g technology in 2020. business technology reporter david has the story from silico
disappear. but one day technology could help police catch the thieves. and later, the italian team proposes new racing restrictions following last week's america's cup tragedy. >> in southern california crews are battling the 575-acre wildfire in the mountains in los angeles. more than 100 firefighters are fighting the flames from the water and from the air after it broke out along a lake. at one point the flames came within 100 yards of a school, but firefighters say the school was never in danger because dry brush had been cleared to create defense i believe space. the fire is now 60 percent contained. amtrak service has stopped between new york and boston indefinitely following a collision between two compute commuter trains in connecticut. 60 people were taken to the hospital. a train bound for new york derailed during rush hour and hit another train on the opposite track. the side of one train was shredded. >> all of a sudden we hear boom! and then we saw smoke everywhere. i was just focusing on my two kids, willing them and embracing them. >> people flew over, i almost flew over the s
are stolen and a classroom of students see their work disappear. how technology may help the police catch the thieves. and later the italian team proposes new racing restrictions >> in southern california crews are battling the 575-acre wildfire in the mountains in los angeles. more than 100 firefighters are fighting the flames from the water and from the air after it broke out along a lake. at one point the flames came within 100 yards of a school, but firefighters say the school was never in danger because dry brush had been cleared to create defensible space. the fire is now 60 percent contained. >>> amtrak service has stopped between new york and boston indefinitely following a collision between two commuter trains in connecticut. 60 people were taken to the hospital. a train bound for new york derailed during rush hour and hit another train on the opposite track. the side of one train was shredded. >> all of a sudden we hear boom! and then we saw smoke everywhere. i was just focusing on my two kids, hugging them and embracing them. >> people flew over, i almost flew over the seat but
from the technology you get from our cell phone. we have over 7 thousand users on the network on the radio system it's heavily utilized. it needs to be replaced and we're undergoing the initiative now. the system was put in place in 2007. we put together some initiative estimates and we do estimate this is a large project between 65 and 69 million to put the system in place. and this includes the radios it's actually most of the of this cost. so what we've done is with this project we've followed the same plan that you use when you major capital development plans in the city and we've asked for the planning money first. as recent as may second point approved planning for the project it was about 8.1 million that will staff two positions in the department of emergency and in the department of technology. we'll have a consultant come on board to behind us with the streaming . for example, the communications income tax is being put together and the consultant is looking at the public service department can take advantage of this service as well. we're going to start the hiring pr
foundation. supporting science, technology, and improved economic performance and financial literacy in the 21st century. >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> woodruff: there were stern words at the white house today over i.r.s. targeting of tea party and other conservative groups. president obama said he first learned about it last week, and he warned it won't go well for those responsible. the president's rebuke came as he answerd a question at a joint news conference with british prime minister david cameron. >> if you've got the i.r.s. operating in anything less than a neutral and nonpartisan way, then that is outrageous. it is contrary to our traditions, and people have to be held accountable and it's got to be fixed. >> woodruff: the news broke last friday that i.r.s. agents had applied extra scrutiny to groups with tea party or patriot in their names when they applied for tax-exempt
book that explores how technology is impacting our democracy. >> this radical power, this incredible connectivity that individuals are carrying around, it's reshaping the balance of power in our municipality in both good ways and bad ways. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> by b.p. >> and by at&t. >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> brown: the nation's capital was alive with talk of scandal today, starting with the revelations about the internal revenue service. questions grew over reports of overzealous enforcement, aimed at groups on the political right. the day began with new disclosures about what the i.r.s. had done and who knew about it. the "washington post" reported the targeting of conservative groups was not limited to the agency's
a technological standpoint. this is one that i'm most proud of. tht the first league national football team. for our home games we'll be powered completely by the sun. no one else can say that in professional sports in this country. that's something that highlights what we are trying to do and what we are trying to show what sports can be, not just for the community, but a beacon for what we should be striving for everyday of our life from a technological standpoint and stability. we are head of construction and we are moving forward and we can't wait to play game in 2014 and very much looking forward to playing a super bowl and getting ourselves in the rotation. we love the bay area and we want to show everybody else in the world that this is the greatest place to host the greatest game in the world. i would like to introduce coach seefrd and thank him and george for being a part of this. [ applause ] . >> thank you, mayor and dan, jed. i'm obviously proud and excited to be part of this committee that will attempt to bring the 50th super bowl to the san francisco bay area. it was i believe
daughters being in town i bought them ipads. this is the technology in the city but we women this whole effort to use the sports games and technology calculation that's going on and we want to make sure that our hospitality leads the hotel and every restaurants between here and san jose that we know the excitement will be here. that's such an incredible history in the industry we know we're take care of issues of transportation and public safety i know the chiefs here with our corporate community. it's a signal that the flipping e floif groups will be here. i did not anticipate this so face but when people get excited whether it's the giant or the w49 we have so much to celebrate every tiger woods came out to celebrate. it inspires us to have our cooperate citizens to enjoy this event. thank you for all the corporate communities putting this together and the the entities working together to host the best super bowl we'll ever have. that he when he break the opening this super bowl they'll be more happening. so thank you very much. appreciate your leadership. >> the next speaker needs n
, the company announced it would team up with a belgium research institute to develop a communication technology. the biggest loser was nippon glass. the glassmaker forecast a net loss of over $200 million this year due to declining sales in europe. in australia, resources lost ground from the past few sessions. the asx 200 gained a modest 0.3% today. back to you. >> sixuan, thank you very much indeed for that. enjoy singapore. right now here in europe, we are weighted to the down side as you can see. five to four, advancers outpacing decliners. right now, the ftse 100 is a meandering week, really, for european stocks. the xetra dax off 0.22%. the cac 40 flat, the ftse mib up 0.15%. as far as bond markets are concerned, yields on italian debt around that 4% mark, they are lower 3719%. looking at this spreadwide, people suggesting that we could actually -- that's out to about 60 basis points because the italian political situation looks more steady. we'll keep our eyes on that. treasury yields have fallen. down yesterday 1.87%. we were at 1.92 at the beginning of the week. we'll keep our eyes, of
endeavor here with a much simpler structure, with some modern technology with it, in an efficient way. did the manhattan project in a short period of time. you cannot convince me that we can't build a border that's effective. and $6 a mile. here's the equation -- and $6 million a mile. here's the equation. i live on the countryside and there's a mile of gravel going in four directions in from the corner i live on. if i take one of those miles and i would think that janet napolitano would assign me to provide the security for that mile. and pay me $6 million to guard that mile for a year. what a lucrative contract that would be. wouldn't it? and now it's a 10-year contract. so it's a $60 million contract to guard one mile of gravel road in iowa. there's more population along that gravel road, there isn't much, than there is along much of the southern border. and so the pressure on that might be enforced to the urgency that people wanted to get across. but i wouldn't hire myself even more boots on the ground. i would take some of that $6 million a mile and i'd start out maybe in the first ye
of innovation and is slated to spend over technological -- on information technology over the next five years. and a portion of that is really to give the public access to information like the open data project that you heard about. and it's there to help people apply for services, communicate with their elected officials, learn about their neighborhood, everything from crime statistics to how to report a pothole or graffiti. but if we spend more and more on technological innovation without funding the training to help people, we just have a wider digital divide that we had before. so, we would ask you today if you're prepared to support continued funding for the now called s.f. connected program, and enjoin us in being a part of the campaign. some of you have computers in your pocket and you know how to do this. so, please like the community keep us connected campaign, and join efforts to get more folks involved in technology. thank you. (applause) >> we're going to call up the next five speakers here. amber carol. rariko ruby he espinosa. [speaker not understood]. and one more, vera hale. >
on the state of video. video world is undergoing exceptional transformation. the power of technology and the insatiable consumer appetite for video content are remodeling the video marketplace. it is both exciting and challenging for companies working to deliver value to the american consumer. gazing into the future isw hazardous but a few critical trends paint a picture of what is on top of this emerging video landscape. if video is flooding into every crevice of american life from the moment video content can be digitized to the live streams of video anywhere and everywhere was inevitable. video will be a ubiquitous and as ubiquitous as the web itself. in fact today as this morning nearly 68% of all internet traffic today is video and as one ceo recently described it, the internet is not related to be as much as tv has invaded the internet. internet traffic is able to crawl across the web and internet call and surface on nearly any screen with an internet connection. this is why we have seen such a great renaissance in video on devices like ipads and smartphones. the diversity has
to instill in our department of technology an information service a collaboration amongst all the different it sections whether it's the airport or muni or dpw or 311, and we have got to make the connections. we have one email system and we're going to perfect that. we just hired a new director of the department of technology. he is coming from the private sector. and i stress that very importantly, because the private sector has got a lot of this down and government is catching up. so we have got the elements and the commitment with our controller, with the board of supervisors, a way to modernize our technology in government and we're also showing signs of that. some of the first things we're doing we're putting all of our forms online, so that small businesses and those who are start-up businesss can literally drop-down those forms and fill them out as to not to have to wait in line in five or six different agencies to get the right permits to start up their businesses. and to have those forms online, we're a few months away from doing that, but it's a program that started to signal tha
mean, our sxwer your world of being transformative over the last ten years by technology. but, you know, information technology, access to information, different things to access the knowledge or to wisdom so within the next ten years, the next evolution of technology can be to connect people and learn from them, their wisdom i think stone is working on an idea plugged into this and things will be different. i didn't know much about technology but, like everything that i do in my life-- and i think it feels normal to me as an artist. the job of the artist is to sort of feel the sort of forces that are shaping the world and try to understand and the preten shl word for it would be zeitgeist. we're obsessed by this but they're not always cultural, these forces. they're not always political. they can be economic, they can be -- technology is a huge force. so i did what i always do to understand a subject: i find the smartest people in the world and go work alongside them. so i've been -- you know, i've been investing, learning about that. you know, all kinds of -- >> rose: but technology g
'm going to go down the line. as we get to our military partners i'd ask if there's other technologies that you think that you have that you want to share about that may be helpful as we start to get into fire season. please share those with us. ray, if you'd like to start. >> sure, thank you. first off, thanks for being here, it's my first time being here and i think it's an outstanding venue to meet the cooperating agencies and talk about policies and ways we can improve our response to the public that we serve. we look at title 10, title 32 resources in all aspects, all risk venue, like i said, not only aircraft but we utilize ltax for our agreements with la county fire, to mobilize fire engines to catalina island. we look at resources for debris cleaning, i found out there's a desalization battalion for fresh water, that's an i object credible resource for an earthquake. there's a variety of dod resources that cal fire can provide in a statewide environment. i think the biggest thing for me, there's several scenarios that are challenging us, one of which and one of our fears,
will use it to approve permits on the job site. >> we believe that mobile technology is going to rev revolutionize the way government and people interact. >> maury black is the president of the company whose software is taking the government paperless. >> the interface to government is still stuck in the mid-20s century. so we have this huge grab but we can use mobile technologies and cloud technologies to bridge the gap. >> you adopt have to be a business owner building contractor to benefit from the journaly into the cloud. just be an ordinary citizen with a good eye for potholes. san francisco is adopting an app called civic hero. >> when you're walking down the street and you see a problem you want to report it. >> whether it's a graffiti or utility outage you can snap a picture and init in. the next thing the city hopes to take paperless is getting a business license. >> it's challenging to start a business on its own, we need to roll out the red carpet. >> there's one more day to get free dental work from california dental association volunteers in san jose. the free clinic at
the technology. if you haven't heard of 3-d printing, then listen up. it's going to change everything. how we design, create, learn, teach, make, and manufacture things. some are even calling it the next industrial revolution. >> the first industrial revolution was all about large machines in factories and you go to factories to work. now you put the factory on your desk top and it's yours. it's a personal factory just for you. you can become an entrepreneur. you can express your ideas physically. and if they catch on in the world, you've got a business. >> president obama even mentioned the technology in his 2013 state of the union address as part of a hopeful vision of america having a competitive advantage in manufacturing again. >> a once shuttered warehouse is now a state of the art lab where new workers are mastering the 3-d printing that has potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything. >> for the savvy entrepreneur, 3-d printing presents a huge shift in the way things are created. democratizing and speeding up the process of prototyping, it ration, and innovation. >> i
to check and make sure that we were on schedule. the first technology of its kind... mom d dad, i have great news. is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers. gerri: welcome back to the daylong coverage to the business of real estate. a quick code of paint or gutting your entire kitchen, it can remodel your home's value. with more on this we have kiersten bakker. welcome back to the show, it's always good to you and. >> always good to be here. gerri: you know from variants what are of the best interior renovations to do on your home? >> well, the best is what is going to be the thing that gives the best first impression. we know that it kitchen and bath, but you have to hope buyers from the get-go. it's an emotional thing that you are looking for. so as always, very important. >> here's an interesting fact. homeowners spending but more on renovations in the year before. they're going to spend even more. does that make it more difficult to get done or easier? >> i think that the good contraors are available and working with good homeowners. it's a really good time to get t
. this is a stunning work of technology. the 2013 lexus es and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> back now with a tragic story out of new york where police continue to investigate the death of a college student killed during a home invasion. a junior at hofstra university was killed by a police officer as she was held in a headlock by an intruder at gunpoint. >> two women say officer richard took them to another location after leaving a party thursday night and forced them to do drugs and assaulted them while using a gun. the 27-year-old was hailed a hero back in 2007 and this is the picture you see here, shot in the face during a traffic stop but managed to catch the suspect. >> the f.b.i. officials in washington state are searching an apartment that could be tied to a ricin investigation. earlier this week, two letters were intercepted at a post office. no arrests have been made and agents are not questioning anyone. >> the latest on the i.r.s. scandal. we're learning the woman in charge of the tax exempt division during the alleged targeting of conservative gr
and what they would reveal about the future. and that he examines the intersection of technology and geology in the number of western entrepreneurs that propelled the west rise to power in the 19th century and the development of nuclear weapons computer in the 20th century, but kept it there. in the 21st century, that earlier book argued economic exchanges were called into question, whether the u.s. in particular would remain so. in the second volume, doctor morris presents a groundbreaking miracle index of social development, comparing societies of different times and places, adapting the united nations approach to development based on four incipal traits including information technology and capacity. we look forward to a fascinating lesson and please join me in welcoming doctor ian miller. thank you for that kind introduction. thank you for coming along on such a beautiful evening. i'm very happy to be here. i'm happy it's a beautiful day today. i managed to pick up a rather nasty cold. so can y'all hear me okay? on his evening to talk about the new book that we just mentioned,
and make sure that we were on schedule. the first technology of its kind... mom and dad, i have great news. is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers. welwhere new york state is... investing one billion dollars to attract and grow business. where companies like geico are investing in technology & finance. welcome to the state where cutting taxes for business... is our business. welcome to the new buffalo. welcome to the new buffalo. welcome to the new buffalo. new york state is throwing out the old rule book to give your business a new edge, the edge you can only get in new york state. to grow our start your business, visit >>> we have been talking a lot about foreign policy, but it is a big week for immigration reform. the senate judiciary committee will begin its debate of amendments to the gang of eight immigration bill, this thursday. and one thing's certain, it is going to be dramatic. republican senator marco rubio, he is the face of the gang of eight. it is really quite remarkable that he became the face of a bipartisan democratically led effort, but ther
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. >> in san francisco, jonathan blume, abc 7 news. >> technology is hard to keep up with. >> sure early i is. >> amazing time to be around. >> spencer christian here with the weather forecast. >> evening up with the weather. >> with all the technology you can bring to bear. >> and the break through technology which is live doppler 7hd. clouds thickening as i struggle to hold on to my clouds thickening over night as a cold front is approaching us and bringing us cloudier weather but we also have gusty winds right now. 1 miles per hour at sfo. 21-mile per hour at navado. getting cloudier as well. a live view from the high definition roof top camera. 54 degrees in san francisco. oakland 58. 59 san jose. 60 santa cruz. on we go to another live view from the east bay camera in emery val towards san francisco. 59 santa rosa. 61 fair field. 57 livermore. now, you you as we look from the sutro camera over san francisco on the partly cloudy night. a look at the forecast features. mostly cloudy overnight. cooler tomorrow with spot. >> showers. >> , we expect them to be quite light and a milder dryer p
, the higher end folks who can take advantage of intel's technology and keep gross margins in that percentage range. are both of those accurate? >> you didn't hear a change there. what we have seen is that manufacturing leadership is extending over the rest of the industry. we can do products that are higher performance than anybody else. that has allowed us to have stronger positions. we can bring in customers that don't compete with us and we can manufacture for them. >> who competes with you. i am wondering about somebody like apple. >> i'm not going to talk specifically about customers. i think altera is a great example. we want to get paid for the technology. they can have a product line that starts to extend over what their competitors can do so they can get paid in the marketplace by increasing the performance and power efficiency of their product line. they are one of the largest consumers out there. >> stas requesty, thank you for being with us. >> wi let's get the trading action here. we have a modest gain. new homes, housing data was lousy. the philadelphia fed was lousy. ever sinc
is getting the big stories wrong? >> he goes on to blame technology. scott's view of journalism is why the news rooms across america is filled with out of touch elite. twitter has made journalism better. yes, there are mistakes, but because now we all can be journalists and we can all check journalists. we get more and better information. this guy is just complaining because the system that he was a part of is collapsing. his house of cards is collapsing. we all know that july the 4thism is not what you used to be. >> you teach journalism students. >> i say to them that technology is an opportunity and not the problem. the point made is exactly right. twitter and facebook is distribution systems, they are not reporting systems. the more nuanced coverage the better off we are. pelly's oblivious us onness, we are teaching students to do reporting. >> there are also opportunities that tend to be destroying the traditional business of going out and paying people to do hard work that takes time to do. it's everybody a journalist and nobody is going to be paid a lot of money. >>> i love twia
. they also incorporated some of the earliest stealth technologies. the conning tower sail structure was painted a huge radar signature normally so they indidn'ted three feet at the base to reflect the waves back into the sea. each one of the subs was painted with a special stealth coding, not only designed to dampen noise, but to absorb waves as well. the truly amazing thing about the e400 subs was that they were underwater aircraft carriers. each sub carried three ihem attack lanes and a water tight deck hanger they launched by pneumatic catapult after the bow. the sub could surface, assemble three of the plane, and launch them in under 30 minutes. now, the japanese were not the first to experiment with airplane carrying sub ma yens. germany, great britain, the united states, france, and even italy all experimented with plane carrying subs with mixed results, but japan was the only nation to ever perfect plane carrying submarines and deployed widely in the navy. in fact, there were 11 plane carrying submarines surrounding hawaii in 1941, and the navy had three times that number in
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and united technologies but jpmorgan as i noted earlier at levels we have not seen since 2000 and next week we focus on jerry -- jpmorgan because of the us shareholder meeting to learn whether or not jamie diming can keep his role as chairman and ceo. liz: we will carry that story and we have heard so many ceos to both help the chairman and ceo job at the same time and what do they think? this seems a big consensus that jamie diamond should keep both roles but until the vote comes through we don't know. but we do know how capitol hill was going today while the lawmakers grilled recently ousted commissioner of his role of the i.r.a. scandal. where he was glued to the hearing. >> steve miller took a lot of the today from both republican and democrats over the controversy of the irs screening applicants -- application for nonprofit organizations for tax-exempt status and targeting conservative groups in the process, delaying the applications, following up with lots and lots of questions and some have been out there two or three years according to some of the documents produced at the committee
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much technology making us stupid? we have the details of new research. the best way to navigate the market our panel of financial experts answers our questions. tonight on "the willis report." gerri: the irs over reach is the top story. the agency tops one negative -op groups and whether the independent agency is becoming a stronger arm for the obama administration. the president goes on the defense calling it outrageous. >> the irs as an independent agency requires absolute integrity and people have to have confidence they are applying it in the non-partisan way. of the laws in a non-partisan way. you should feel that way regardless of party democrat or independent or republican gerri: the hou will investigate with of friday's hearing with kevinrady of texas and a member of that committee. welcome back. good to see you. r this taxpayer hearing a political group was getting additional scrutiny sent a chill down my spine. i was shocked. what you make of it? >> the same here. i.r.a. strikes fear in the hearts of law-abiding families and businesses and the thought they may be targe
extra better than that at this point. old technology, have you a choice between intel and microsoft and something likesis cork with network and switching equipment. whether or not they win the mobile wars isn't the issue. not a business that is completely in secular decline. to me, a no brainer, i would own cisco before i would own an intel and valuation looks decent, despite the fact that it's trading higher after hours. >> let's get to today's session and two names in technology. before we blame this game. >> i love this game. >> we will play this game. who'd you rather. google versus apple. when you take google versus apple, you have to wonder is apple once again the atm for google? and why is apple having trouble getting out of its own way at this point? karen, what do you say? >> i don't know. it seemed like that witt rallit it feels like you can feel the suck of money from apple. but the money lost is greater than the gain at google. i don't know what is going on at apple. 390. long google. long more apple. so i guess that's who i'd rather. >> playing the game already. >> sorr
about the reporters, it's just all about the next technology, all about their -- >> i don't think people are going to be yanking the bloomberg terminals. >> they do branding or other stuff. >> one of the things woorth pointing out about the culture of bloomberg. one thing you can see and everybody has always been able to see is everything about each other. when you badge into the company in the morning, it shows that you are there. >> if i was trying to reach out to you and say, yeah, he got to the london office at 8:11 in the morning. by the way, you just badged out at -- looks like you've got lunch now. you could actually see each other's schedules. >> back to the idea of sharing reporter notes, this is a journalism ethics note to me at the very heart of it. i would never share my notes because that's a violation of what you tell your sources. you dump that into a massive cloud function. >> one of the things they did very early was try to institutionalize the journalism aspect by creating master source lists for example. >> for someone who's worked there 20 years, do we know everything
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never been strong incentive for focusing on the issue information technology and technology generally. the last group of people that are going to come in and advocate in the budget crisis for technology over health care or over programs for seniors, they just don't exist. people don't line up with stickers. they don't line up in in buses coming down to city hall or state government to mandate more information technology. and so the challenge for governmental leaders is to realize its potential and its possibility and its meaning and its purpose. that said, it doesn't surprise any of you that last week a big headline in the "l.a. times" and department of motor vehicles just gave up on a six year effort to update its 40-year-old technology for the issuances of licenses. we have already spent more than half the money. it's not even close to halfway done and they just end of the contract. is it a surprise to any of you when we talk about scandal in government that the court system of california in 2004 identified the 260 million-dollar upgrade that was to be complete in 2008, $260 million
is positive. continue to see technology catch a bid. nasdaq up four points. fractional move at 3440. s&p 500 looks like this. similar chart pattern where you actually look at the standard and poors approaching the highs of the day. we had positive showing earlier around noontime or so. only up just a fraction here. struggling to stay in positive territory in the standard and poors. >> to the closing bell exchange we go. john manley from wells fargo funds management. danny hughes from divine capital. jason pride. of course, our own rick santelli. >> danny, the debate has continued to rage about when the fed will begin to taper their bond buying program. you feel they're already behind the curve on this, though. >> they're always behind the curve. the fed is always behind what's going on. you've got to watch the bond market. that's where the action is. what happens in the bond market the fed always follows. even though we're seeing a lot more transparency out of the fed these days, it doesn't make a difference. we've got to watch the bond market. the bond market has been, you know, lower than
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abt futuristic genetic technology and humanism. i like writing in the gray area of ethical right d wrong wher u ca are bo sidesf the equation. langdon loves to argue both sides of the equation and let the readers decide which way is correct. >> reporter: we conclude this evening with the film "before midnight," starring julie delpy, and ethan hawke, and directed by richard linklater. >> when you make a movie that spans 18 years, and you watch what people's relationship to romantic love is, what it means to you in your early 20s, what it feels like to connect with a woman for the first time. and then as you get to the age of 30 and it arts to get a litt bitore comicated and a little bit more interesting. and then by the time you're in the middle of the road, it's actually a lot of things at one time. and our goal-- a little one is to try to make a deeply romantic movie that didn't have one lie in it. >> how do two people who are meant to be together and maybe have gotten so much of what of that ever wanted still, how do they negotiate through the world? >> rose: new questions for th
, are you a buyer of -- not financials -- technologies? do you think that everything will participate? >> no. i don't. i think there will be some participation, but i think when you're looking at the markets right now, you're going to look at primarily the financials on a next leg to the upside. when you look at a lot of these names we talk about every night on the show, some of these names still remain underneath book value. i think there is value there that's a lot higher than where you're seeing bank of america and citi trade right now. i think there's upside there. when we get to jamie dimon, that's going to be an interesting conversation because that's a name that's trading at book value, slightly under. >> let's get to jamie dimon. jamie dimon considering leaving the top post if investors vote to split up the chairman and ceo roles. if he leaves, with a would you do with the stock? that's our question tonight. ♪ now that we've found love ♪ what are we going to do ♪ with it >> date? dump? or marry? >> and a great tune. >> we are targeting jpmorgan shares which are 7% below the all
. >> technology names that defy logic. >> overall for the s&p 500 they're trading at the second lowest earnings to price for 2013 and one of the lowest for 2014. so there's still a lot of companies that are definitely lower. >> such as western union. >> yeah, western union particularly because of the regulatory changes. they've actually been reporting to the government and filing all the regulatory transferring money. so as companies like the bit coins, the paypals have to suddenly file along and meet a those compliance, very expensive and time consuming, they've been doing it. >> so in western union specifically, their margins are twice the next closest competitor in the industry. do you think that can continue? >> yeah. particularly with as even as you see more money going into -- they're moving away into the physical shops being more electronics, being able to compete with papal. and we think -- though the margins may come down certainly, we think the value and revenues will be able to keep up. >> avalon bay, boston properties, why? >> i love my reits. avalon bay in boston, avalon's resident
enormous that company. people forget. it is probably the largest technology company in new york city. it is a technology company. journalism came later and it is very important to it, but all of this began in the early days and i remember when they started the news service because the reporters would go on client have saids and say what are you interested in so they could understand what to cover and it kind of came out of that. it's still a data company and it's an incredible technology company. >> that's great. i remember they went to data general because data general had the more robust difbsk drives i the '08s. they have a technology department, the actual people who created it and are the envy, other than nasa, maybe nasa could use them, right? potentially they could. it's been an incredible as we said, success story and the mayor himself is the richest man in town, with a their 25 billion net worth. they bought back that stake with merrill lynch during a crisis at a very advantaged time. >> but carl's right. they're competitors and we're a news-gathering organization. >> our au
-- in fy-14, the and initiative. it will accelerate new technology that will enable researchers to produce dynamic pictures of the brain. it will show how compex brain cells interact. to do that, we need to be able to record signals a much greater numbers of brain cells and at a more rapid pace than what is possible. innovations like functional mri have contributed substantially to our expanding knowledge of the brain, significant breakthroughs in how we treat neurological and psychiatric disease will require a new generation of tools. and measuring circuits and networks living organisms, we can begin to translate data into models that will decode experience and motor activity and potentially even memory, emotion, thought. hasher major initiative laid the groundwork for mapping the human brain. , noninvasiveage image of a healthy human being using a new kind of mri. dramatic seton a of advances in mri scanning. he gives a 3-d picture of a wiring of nerve cells in your brain. this proves that you are more than just her dna environmental factors and life experiences. her works are genetics t
calling for the breakup of the technology and entertainment conglomerate. >> sony citing some slowing sales. >> and the blackberry live developer's conference kicking off at this hour as rumors of a cheaper device or new mobile platform abound? we'll begin with those comments from david teper who earlier on squawk box said he's bullish on the market and there's $4 million worried for a place to go. >> if there is a true taper, there better be a true taper unless you may be in the last half of '99. so guys that are short they better get a shovel to get themselves out of the grave. >> interesting way to turn the debate and tapering as a positive, that you would rather have sooner than june 19th. >> whether spain takes cnbc. germany obviously does. look, tepper is a brilliant man. i've known him since the early '80s. he's been right on a lot of things. i do believe that there is a lot of money looking for home. i was saying last night on "mad money," everyone is waiting for gaps to be filled and everyone waits for a stock that goes up on good news, but 10% is just not going happen this t
that certainly san francisco sits in the seat of such technological developments that are really evolving and reshaping the world on so many fronts, biotech, biomedical, engineering feats. will could not understand why we could not board and eight with the technology available, state-of-the-art information system. for our citizens. thank you very much. i am very excited. it seems as though we are exponentially improving. i don't expect that we will wait another 10 years for similar reports. i am expecting that certainly within the next ybe 10 steps further ahead. a few years ago it would've taken longer. i am very excited about this and excited that we can share this discussion with the police department commission. as far as the development of justice. thank you very much to all of that been involved. very critical. >> commissioner kingsley? >> ms. young, thank you very much for your report. it is very interesting. some of the questions i had have been addressed by commissioner schwatz's comments. i wanted more clarity around the timing and history of this. is 2012 the first co
using all the technology, the best forces we have available. it is up to the president to choose those options depending on the circumstance. >> do you think assad has crossed the red line in using chemical weapons and? does this require the united states to act? statesonly the united government but others have said we are confident that that he has used chemical weapons. done so inke he has very small quantities to make it difficult to establish. i do think the president is in a corner. you do not say this ised line or a game changer without backing it up with action. maybe you should not have said it. maybe it is still a mistake to go on a limited evidence to take military action. a key point is the credibility of the united states. if the president is going to say something, he better be ready to back it up for our credibility with people around the world, and friends, allies come at a the series, our credibility goes down. >> how confident are you that syria use chemical weapons attac? >> the announcement made by chuck hagel reflects the view of the united states government. to pro
. and, so, sound is multi-directional. there's no question about that. but speaker technology is far better than it was 10 years ago as well. you can direct the sound from speakers. will there be some slap back as the technology or the terminology goes? yes, there will be some slap back. that's the intent of the acoustic curtain as well as the other mitigating factors, the sound measurement in our plan. >> when is the first concert? >>> may 31st. >> and, so, there is sound, the engineer, the acoustic ition is going to start his work on may 31st? >>> no, next week. >> and that's to get the baseline of ambient -- >>> that's correct. >> okay. i have nothing. >> okay, thank you. we can hear rebuttal from ms. cain if you have anything. please step forward. >> thank you. again, jocelyn cain. we believe the applicant has satisfied our request -- our requirements for noise, traffic, and safety plans subject to the final sign off of all of the departments mentioned. i also just wanted to reiterate that our responsibility at the entertainment commission don't end at the issuance of this permit
in the last two years where people are taking their technology gadgets and paying more attention to than walking with their kids or taking care of they are seniors cannot happen in this city. enjoy our streets. don't be doing the work where your safety and the safety of others are at risk. we have to have that education going on. we are going to do more of that education, commit ourselves at the school levels, ourselves at the business levels, ourselves at the street levels to make sure we have that conversation and that education to lift up everybody's responsibilities to use our streets properly. then we can say our city a much more walkable city. if it's safe, it's walk able, if we do all the things that make our streets safer and walkable, then we can enjoy it being the most walkable city. thank you very much. >> thank you so much, mayor. now i would like to introduce chief greg of the san francisco police department. >> [ applause ] >> thank you. i want to wish everybody a good morning with a perfect day to walk to work or actually walk anywhere in san francisco. this is so importan
. because our information technology is a one person unit, many things pushed deadlines out if the server goes down, individuals have issues with their excite -- computers or their laptops. that's what chris dos does in addition to maintaining the data base. the project that chris started in 2012 was to develop an auto prompt calendaring system. unlike the project where chris is working with an outside developer, the auto prompt calendaring system is where chris is working on his own. he maintained and enhanced the data bases and websites and other technology equipment. our clerical unit, they processed the 740 complaints and 799 closures and they set data letters and also responded to documents which were request from the city attorneys office. they involved 1200 officers. it's a labor intensive job that has to be done with care to ensure that over production does not take place. last year the cost for were down considerably for retrieval and storage. it comes out of the occ budget and prevents us from doing other things we might wish to do, but it was down last year considerably. ho
although we are good at detecting cancer with advanced technology. it is important to realize these women have a 95% reduction in their risk of developing breast cancer. they are almost guaranteed that by doing this, they will not have to deal with the ravages -- >> and if you do have this faulty gene, she talks about it, the risk is considerably higher. that you might get cancer. >> i think the number is right, 87% lifetime risk of developing breast cancer. women in these families have multiple members who have had breast cancer. they believe they will and the vast majority of them will. 50% by the age of 50 and the rest after that. >> she is somebody with, she is wealthy, she has access to the best healthcare in the world, how possible is it for women not in her position to get testing and the operation? >> if you have a family with breast cancer, insurance companies cover that. once detect it, i have never seen someone denied for a mastectomy. >> is treatment spreading around the world? am not as familiar with that. , plastiche technology surgery, it really varies by country. in develo
when it comes to technology. we have put in computers in 54 sites in the city. and we would like to have those sites maintained when you do your budget. we want to make sure that the money is there so they can continue to skype, tweet, have online banking, check their online medical records. and to keep in contact with all of their friends and families who are all across the world. so for the seniors and people with disabilities, we are hoping you will make that a special, special consideration when you do your budget. because the seniors are the foundation of any community. and we would like to make sure that they stay connected. we would like to thank ann henson, the leadership of the department of asian and adult services. we could not have done this without her support. thank you very much. >> good eveni ining everyone, a mayor and department heads. i am eddie part of the bayview program. i want to say that our program is the only program out here to service with youth dealing with multicultural youth programs. and we are fortunate to get support from the city and to be out h
u.s. counterproliferation efforts with iran and spread dangerous technology to other anti-western regimes and potentially terrorists. beijing has not been an innocent bystander or passive observer of north korea's activities. the startup technology for its nuclear program came from china by way of pakistan's network. much of the nuclear missile technology and materials from north korea to other rogue states has gone through chinese territory. china has not only been a proliferators of wm d but a proliferators of proliferators. last year defense secretary panetta said china has been complicity in developing north korea's missile technology. china has consistently blog dorr weakened security kelso resolutions seeking to halt pyongyang's nuclear missile programs such as the 2005-2009 resolutions. when it is allowed something to pass the council has failed to follow through with the effective enforcement, and time will tell whether china's pattern of behavior will be more serious or sustained after the most recent security council condemnation and the bank of china's action ag
, i think if you look at technology, technology has underperformed the last year, very good balance sheets, there's opportunity there. i'm not particularly concerned about the fed pulling back in terms of their asset purchases. if anything, i would expect to see them doing more, because when you look around the world, what do you have? you have a stronger dollar recently, you have inflation expectations priced into the bond market looking out maybe 10 years, coming down somewhat, you do have relatively soft underlying inflation. and with other nations around the world engaging in asset purchases now, for example, japan, their recent announcement of asset purchases and the stepped up program, that actually would encourage the fed to do more, not less. >> thank you for coming on the program, we really appreciate it. >> mark zandy, kevin terran. >> stocks retreated from record highs today, and they ended lower, they are pressured by some iffy economic data and comments from a federal reserve official saying the central bank could begin easing up on its monetary stimulus sometime this s
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